Dawn French, the Queen of British comedy, is bringing her critically acclaimed solo show to the West End this autumn, for a limited run.


The award-winning actor, best-selling novelist and all round very funny lady has written a new show, based on her life and career, entitled ď30 Million MinutesĒ - which is roughly how long she has been alive!


The stand-up show is based on her life and career, including working with Jennifer Saunders, her weight loss, adopted daughter Billie, marriage to Lenny Henry, and the new love of her life, second husband Mark Bignell.


Dawn has said:


ďLook, itís not a play, itís not stand-up, itís not a monologue, itís not a slide show, but itís something a bit like all of those with some alarming extreme striptease thrown inĒ


ďPlease donít bother with it if you donít usually enjoy yourself, itís only for marvellous lovely people.Ē


ďAll grumpy f*****s should stay at home. Those of us who DO turn up, myself included, will share an evening we wonít forget in a hurry. I promise that.Ē


ďI shall be buying new pants in honour of this exciting opportunity to bring my show into Londonís glittery West End, so every audience member can relax in the knowledge that I will be fully contained and utterly fragrant at all times.Ē




    When: Saturday 5th December, 2:30pm
    Price: £47.50 at the front of the stalls to the side.  Iím afraid there are no discounts for this limited run.

Where: Vaudeville Theatre, Strand, London, United Kingdom, WC2R 0NH

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If you'd like to see the show, please let me know as soon as possible. 

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I'll need full payment by Wednesday 20th May to secure your ticket.